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Sweetwater Marina

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    By Info@delacroixfishing on April 1, 2018

    Seems like people are catching a few here at Sweetwater. They may not be totally limiting out, but they aren’t coming back with nothing. We will have some live shrimp for tomorrow. However, due to the Easter holiday..we will be open only during the morning. We will likely close at 10am tomorrow. So, come early..if you want to get anything from Sweetwater. We hope everyone has a Happy Easter and a great spring break! We can’t wait to see you here at Sweetwater Marina! We will post a more detailed report tomorrow. Captain Jack has been handling his second job..spraying trees.. so princess (sierra) is writing the report tonight..so, sorry guys…I don’t have any tips with the hotspots etc. I’ll get back to you on that, when the boss man is back home..to school me, on what I should write. I’m sure you guys can go find your own hotspots for now., when you do…message us and tell me the secret honey holes! I’m ready for Captain Jack to take me on another fishing trip..don’t worry I’ll leave a few for you guys! 😉 Seriously, tag us in pics or post telling/ showing your experience here at Sweetwater! Also, we do have lodging and charter dates available…call me at 504-342-2368 to book! Don’t wait and loose your dates! On that note, I’m out to go play Easter Bunny for Gracie…and Captain Jack! Happy Easter and happy fishing for those of you going out tomorrow! I’ll share a Easter pic of Gracie to bless your Facebook page..Sweetwater’s real princess’ first easter! #happyeaster #happyfishing #aprincessreport #captainjackwillbebacktomorrow 💗🐰

    Sweetwater Marina
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    Sweetwater Marina
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    Sweetwater Marina
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