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    By Info@delacroixfishing on August 23, 2018

    Hey, it’s Captain Jack coming back from Burus with a load of live shrimp!

    Just crossed the ferry in Belle Chase. Wind? There is no wind. Very slick and calm.

    I know the weatherman screwed up a lot of people today with the wind. Definitely wasn’t 5-10. It was more like 15-20 this morning.

    Anyways, we have been hearing lots of reports. Two days ago some really nice fish were caught out by Lake Fortuna. Usually around this time of the year, Mosan Beak Point is a hot spot…the white shrimp start really showing up, and the trout start coming in to eat them. This is the time of the year, when it all kicks off. In another month, the trout that are on the outer edges (eating the white shrimp) and trout that are further out migrate up into the interior marshes. They’ll be eating all the white shrimp that start coming out the Delacroix marshes.

    I know this year has been rough with the wind direction..nothing but WEST wind. Which is totally the wrong direction for pushing the great water from the sound to the interior and inner bays. However, that’s what Mother Nature has been dealing us, so that is what we have to accept.

    In all honesty, this is the time of the year when you can go to Stone Island, Iron Banks, The Wreck, closer to Bayou Terre Boeuf, Mosan beak point, further south by California point and catch a big mess of speckled trout.

    Our main objective these days is the Mardi Gras cut..the water never stays clean for to long in Black bay because of that cut!

    We could be one of the Marina owners that write a long lie about all the fish! People ask why don’t we just lie to get more business..but..that’s not our style! So, we tell the truth..and we still flourish.

    I’ll be fishing tomorrow with a couple of my buddies and Sierra. We are going to be shooting a video! So, stay tuned!

    All that being said..we hope to see you this weekend!

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