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    By Wanda Stewart on September 11, 2018

    Today I fished with my good buddy “Peachy”Dennis Galais and Duke Rousse we smashed the speckle trout, caught 75 beautiful specks, made a great videos, unfortunately we are not going to be able to post the video for another day or so we are still being edited.

    As far as the trout fishing goes. I’m gonna break it down for everybody. We had some angles fish at Stone Island and had some pretty good success out at Stone Island, but if I were you, I would pass Stone Island and go out further east to the compressor. The further east you go the water gets better and better.

    I know they have fish at the compressor that’s the first place we went this morning, and we caught at least 20 there. Then we went further east and the water got even better.

    The great news is we have live beautiful shrimp available. Delivered today

    If you are itching to catch speckle trout. It’s a great time to go fishing, especially starting this weekend.

    In some places the water is still a little dirty but it’s getting saltier and cleaner.

    Hope to see you this weekend, lodging still available.
    Castin’ Cajun Marsh & Bayou Magazine Louisiana Fishing Blog The Duke Academy.

    http://www.delacroixfishing.com   https://www.facebook.com/Sweetwater-Marina-Delacroix-Island-189085804450790/?fref=tag

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