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    By Info@delacroixfishing on October 24, 2018

    Fishing the last three days has been unbelievably great for reds! Some of the best fishing we have had in over a month, considering the consistent numbers of fish everyone has been catching. Capt. Jack took a father and son from Memphis, TN. The first day they caught about 60 reds. Yesterday, they caught around 80 reds..around ten were rat reds and the rest were 20-29 inches. They probably had 15 fish that could have possibly won the IFA redfish tournament. Today, Capt. Jack did 2 charters. On his morning charter they started out fishing for speckled trout in Fourhorse lake. Unfortunately, they were fishing between two crab traps. A crabber comes and hits a few circles around the trap, and that was it for that spot. Then, the wind picked up out of control. They moved over to Potto Cabalo and caught 5-6 nice trout under the birds. The wind picked up further, and they couldn’t keep anchored down for anything..power poles, big anchor and all. They picked up and went to catch redfish, since captain Jack has been destroying them. They caught their limit, and then they threw back a bunch. They had about twenty four specks and 10 white trout plus 25 reds. That was some really great fishing considering the conditions. This evening Capt. Jack took his good friend Mark “cool-daddy” and Marks daughter. They kept 10 reds and threw back a countless amount of reds. They had a great time. The reds were really biting this evening. Captain Jack spoke with a lot of tournament guys that is smashing the reds. However, they aren’t really catching the size they need. They are saying the same thing Captain Jack said..there are tons of reds right now. They are bringing in 20-24 inches, which doesn’t matter to customers. They are just trying to fish not get a big check. The weekend is looking a little chilly, but the fishing should be pretty good. We need this cold weather to push the trout even closer in. Seems like they have them in Fourhorse, but all the shrimp that come with shrimp boats may be deflecting them a bit. It’s only a matter of time before they are close. That all being said…gather up the kids, friends, family and get in on what should be a phenomenal fishing weekend. Like we always say..Delacroix has the best winter fishing in our great state just about. We are very fortunate that we still have SOME marsh land left..where we can target trout and reds. Unfortunately, it’s going quickly….

    We have plenty, BEAUTIFUL live shrimp!

    Sweetwater Marina
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