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Sweetwater Marina

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    By Info@delacroixfishing on November 7, 2018

    Looks like tomorrow might be our best opportunity for fishing! If you’re into fishing, you better get down here tomorrow. You may have a small window of opportunity Friday morning to come, before the weather sets in.   We got a whole load of beautiful live shrimp in today..ready to sell to you. You can get on some GREAT redfish action and some pretty good trout action. The trout action should be picking up soon enough. Some good reports are coming in from Lake Fausan. We heard some reports from Bakers Bay. Overall, the best spot seems to be Fourhorse. If you get an opportunity, come on down. Need you boat launched? We can handle that. Need a hand carrying your shrimp to the boat? We can lend a hand. Need your fish cleaned? We have the fastest & best service! Anything you need..we have. Live bait, ice, tackle, drinks, snacks, fuel (no ethanol), prime lodging, charters,  Sweetwater gear & more! If you haven’t been to our lodges in a while, come check us out! They have been repainted, cleaned out & decorated! We will have updated pictures coming soon! The pictures on Facebook and our website is not how our lodges look any longer! Come see them in person and book a room! We would love to have you! While you are here, book a trip with Captain Jack..let Captain Jack handle it all..he’s amazing for those that don’t know him! 

    We can’t wait to see you here at Sweetwater, the marina that loves their customer..the marina that has it all & more! We can’t wait to see your lovely, happy faces! 

    Sweetwater Marina
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    Sweetwater Marina
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    Sweetwater Marina
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