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Sweetwater Marina

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    By Info@delacroixfishing on November 9, 2018

    Sorry about no report yesterday. We have some good news. A lot of speckled trout came in yesterday! Bad news is..they won’t be easy to catch tomorrow.  It’s probably still worth the trip. Delacroix’s standards for winter fishing is about to happen soon! Tomorrow is the opening day, the big day, for duck season. We are looking forward to seeing all our duck hunters. We heard they’ve had a few ducks here and there. Put your cold weather gear on..and come get you some quackers or some scales! If you could find a place to tuck away out the wind, you’ll probably catch some nice specks or reds! We are going to get a load of live shrimp tonight; so, we will have plenty live bait for everyone tomorrow! See ya this weekend! 

    Remember what make us the best marina around..

    We can launch the boat. We can clean your fish. We can park your vehicle. We can get you live shrimp, ice, tackle, drinks, snacks, bug spray, oil, fuel (nonethanol)..and we are always here to help our customers the best way we can! 

    Want to stay here at Sweetwater? Want to book a fishing trip with Captain Jack or another amazing captain? Call 504-342-2368! 


    Our lodges have been newly painted, decorated and new furniture for the living room space..for those of you that haven’t been in a while..come see us! We’d love for you to see what we’ve done with the lodges! Our lodge is in prime location! Located right across from our marina! You can leave your boat in the water, if you stay with us! The Marina& lodge is located right across from Bayou Gentilly, which takes you right into Little Lake and anywhere else you need to be! So, book with us! Coziest, comfiest& most convenient location in Delacroix!

    You ever want to go fishing but don’t want to hook the shrimp, don’t want to untangle the line for your friends or kids or yourself, don’t want to have to know where to go and cast?…call Captain Jack here at Sweetwater and book a trip! He is an awesome captain! He will have you laughing all day on the boat, while taking care of your every need! He’s great with children. He’s great with everyone! So call us today! Come see what primetime fishing is like here in Delacroix! 

    Sweetwater Marina
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    Sweetwater Marina
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