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Sweetwater Marina

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    By Info@delacroixfishing on November 15, 2018

    Phenomenal red fishing today, despite the frigid cold 33 degree weather! Captain Jack went out this morning with his charter, and they caught their limit! Then, he went back out for Captain Chris with a different group of guys in a spur of the moment trip, and they caught their limit again! Both groups caught plenty of extras that they threw back! Tomorrow is looking like it’s going to be a great day for fishing. The winds are looking light..around 5-10 mph. If you are coming trout fishing, I would advise coming after 9am. The water will warm up a bit and clear up. So, the trout fishing should be great mid day. This weekend is looking awesome, as well. It’s supposed to be sunny, pretty and a lot warmer. The water chilled down with this last front and probably pushed trout deeper into the interior of Delacroix, which should make for some awesome fishing! If you get an opportunity to come, come on down! We will write another fishing report tomorrow, after Captain Jack gets back in from his charter! We have plenty of live shrimp for tomorrow and the weekend! Nicole is on her way to pick up a load, as we speak! Stay tuned for tomorrow nights report. We will update you on hotspots! Some hotspots for speckled trout, prior to the cold front, was Fourhorse Lake, Round Lake, Lake Campo, Potto Cabalo, Bay Shallow and heard some out of Lake John. They were catching LOTS of trout on the other side of Bayou Terre Aux Boeufs..Lake Amadee, Lake Robin..etc. all the areas mentioned should be good fishing tomorrow. See you tomorrow after 9am! Pictures are from Captain Jacks charters today! 

    Sweetwater Marina
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