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Sweetwater Marina

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    By Info@delacroixfishing on November 17, 2018

    There was some great fishing today at the marina. Mostly all redfish. The trout reports haven’t been that great lately, however today they got a bit better. One group was fishing in Round Lake and caught 30. Lake Amadee and Lake Robin seem to be action packed. On Captain Jacks charter today, they caught their limit of reds..then, they caught a BUNCH more that they threw back. We don’t know how many were thrown back..it’s crazy how many reds there are. The water is clean in Lake Batola, and the redfish action is pretty high in that area. It is ashame that we aren’t catching the number of trout we normally catch this time of the year. That would be due to the Mardi Gras pass and all the fresh water coming through. We won’t get onto that subject again. We are expecting even better reports tomorrow..for trout. The weather will be great tomorrow, light winds, good temperature and the water has already warmed up a bit. If you are a trout fisherman, tomorrow is looking good. Also, they are definitely doing work in the Twin pipeline. The pipeline has floated up in several places in the pipeline canal, so they are dredging underneath the pipeline, resinking the pipeline and then putting mud on top of the pipeline. They are almost finished. They are almost all the way past Lake John. Once they get finished with that mess, the water should clear up beautifully. Then, you all can get back in your fav fishing spot here in Delacroix. If you are going trout fishing tomorrow, head towards Round Lake, Lake Amadee and Lake Robin..those waters seem to have a few more fish. As far as live shrimp, we ended up getting a delivery this morning. We still had a few people that didn’t get to get live shrimp. We are very sorry to those customers. Nicole is on her way to pick up a load! We will have plenty for tomorrow.

    All that being said..

    We can’t wait to see ya here at Sweetwater Marina, the marina that loves their customers! 

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