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By Info@delacroixfishing on December 4, 2018


Capt Jack said it wasn’t easy but they had a great time on his charter today. Mr. Ron, James and Tony had to go searching, but they ended up in the same place as yesterday to bring in the catch of the day. Lake Amadee side of Bayou Terre Aux Boeufs. 15 trout, 20 Redfish, and 2 Bass were caught on the Delacroix side of Bayou Terre Aux Boeufs.

The catch of the day goes to the Georgia fellas who brought in a Redfish over 36 inches long!

We had a few regular customers share a few photos of their catch. We couldn’t resist showing you of all the different catches of the day.

Sweetwater loves the awesome costumers we have.

We have fresh beautiful live shrimp!

Come visit us at Sweetwater Marina!

Call Kelly Mon-Fri, 9-5, for lodging, charters or boat shed rental 504-343-3268.

Sweetwater Marina
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Sweetwater Marina
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Sweetwater Marina
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