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    By Info@delacroixfishing on January 17, 2019

    Come get in on the fishing action before you have to brace for the frigid weather next week! Thursday, Friday, and Saturday will be good fishing days. The water levels are rising over night tonight and will make for a few days of good fishing.

    Mr. Kelly, Mr. John, Mr. Danny and Mr. Paul (The Sheep Head Regulars) started the day by limiting on redfish in less than an hour today. They also caught 50+ sheep head about 8 feet deep, by the rigs, in Stone Island. All were caught on live shrimp and dead bait from Sweetwater Marina.

    Saturday we had reports from anglers of speckle trout in Lake John and Four Horse, so get out there before it gets too cold.

    And for all you duck hunters, time is coming to an end. Better hurry up and get on down here. Saturday is your deadline. 😉👍

    Don’t forget we have live beautiful shrimp! 🦐
    Don’t miss out on the dead bait sale we have going on this weekend!!

    We can’t wait to see ya’ll!!

    Sweetwater Marina
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