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Sweetwater Marina

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    By Info@delacroixfishing on January 23, 2019

    Now that we are trying to get past the pain of last weekend and duck
    season has ended, we are looking forward to a good weather weekend to come
    fishing in Delacroix!

    With the weather in the mid to upper 50’s and no rain in the forecast
    after tomorrow, it’s time to get your pole in the water!! Come visit us at
    Sweetwater Marina and get in on some Redfish action!

    The Redfish are everywhere! This is a fact! We have been having a few
    anglers give reports of trout also. The north side of Four Horse, Lake
    John, Four Corners and Oak River are the reports coming in this week. One
    angler said he and a couple friends caught 74 trout, and another angler
    and a few
    friends caught 51 trout in Four Corners. That’s incentive to get out
    there and get your fishing on!

    Sweetwater Marina & Capt. Jack would greatly appreciate, if you tagged us
    in pictures/post about your experience here in Delacroix/at Sweetwater. Or
    you can send in your pictures and we will post them! We love to see our
    customers happy with our service. We try super hard to please everyone.
    Rate our Facebook, as well. Leave comments about your stay, your charter,
    your experience…we would love to hear about it.

    We have live shrimp!

    Our bait shop also has ice, fuel, tackle, and snacks so come visit us at
    Sweetwater Marina, to start your fishing trip off right.

    We do have some boat sheds available. If you are interested or need more
    info, please call Kelly at 504-342-2368 Monday- Friday from 9am-5pm.

    If you need lodging, we do have some beautiful lodges, looking out at the
    beautiful Delacroix water. We are in the most convenient location, which
    is right across from our marina. Stay with us and get a launch free! Call
    and book with Kelly. You won’t be disappointed.

    Want to come fishing, and don’t have a boat? Book a Charter. Want to go
    fishing and not have to worry about where to go, getting stuck or having
    to load the boat? Want to go fishing with your kids or people that don’t
    fish much, but don’t want to worry about untangling lines, showing them
    how to cast and helping them do everything on board? If that is the case,
    Captain Jack is your man! He will have you, your family, kids, everyone
    laughing all day. He has a great personality. He is wonderful with any age
    group. He knows the waters and where the fish are! Want to book a trip
    with the amazing Captain Jack? Call 504-342-2368 and Kelly will set you
    up! Don’t forget you can lodge with us, as well!

    Call us here at Sweetwater to check prices, book lodging, charters, etc.

    Remember to come see us at Sweetwater Marina, the marina that loves their

    Sweetwater Marina
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    Sweetwater Marina
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    Sweetwater Marina
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    One Response to “Sweetwater Marina”

    1. Gary Fishaholic on January 25, 2019 @ 7:03 PM

      Hey Capt. Jack it’s Gary and trying to find out if there’s any water in the marsh or not ? Going in the morning and trying to plan my route. I might try a couple new spot’s/area’s to me at least but only if there is enough water for exploring. Not going that early probably get in the water around 9 ish thought about some catfish but then woke up what a horrible dream any way. If you could give me a little info on water level’s it would be great you normal-above-Low -very low ?

      Thank’s Gary Fishaholic

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