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    By Info@delacroixfishing on February 2, 2019

    Quite a few fisherman launched, at Sweetwater today. They came in with all kinds of different reports. Some had some fish, some had a-lot of fish and some had no fish. If you like to catch speckled trout, I can give you a small tip: Little Lake has been producing some really nice speckled trout. That is right; I did say Little Lake. Two different groups caught fish over there today. One group, a husband and wife, came in with 50 speckled trout..yes 50!! Nicole confirmed it! Another group of 5 guys had 16 speckled trout and a limit of reds. They were fishing in Alligator pass. Other customers caught limits of reds in different areas of Delacroix, like the Point Fienne area. No reports from Lake John today, unexpectedly; Captain Jack thought we would hear of some reports from that area. A few other customers came in with a good load of fish. It looked like alot of fish in their ice chest, although I don’t know the exact number. They would not tell us where they went, besides saying “in the Delacroix area,” and “in the water.” Overall, on a scale from 1 to 10, I would say the fishing today was a 7. I could lie and say it was a 10, but thats just not how we roll at Sweetwater. Captain Jack just got back with a whole load of live shrimp. If I were coming fishing tomorrow, I would go around Lake John, South of Lake John (behind shrimp Lagoon and Shell Lake), Little Lake and Bay Andrew. For redfish, I would hit many spots in interior of Delacroix: Shrimp Lagoon, Shell Lake, Lake Batola, Point Fienne and Grand Lake. Im sure many of your favorite spots are producing. It should be sunny tomorrow, unlike today. The last quarter of the day the sun popped out. However, that is not the story for tomorrow. It should be sunnier tomorrow than today. Don’t forget tomorrow is our BOYCOTT THE SHITBOWL SPECIAL! Hope to see yall then!

    Sweetwater Marina
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