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Swords on fire !

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    By Peace on May 10, 2018

    The past few days have been stellar on swords and tuna. Tuesday I took my friends Giang Nguyen and Mike Le. Neither had ever reeled a sword and they wanted only big fish! Well,it was their day. We had the firs fish on by 830am. Giang was on the reel and he cranked him like a pro. I could tell by the way the fish was acting that he was a top ten contender. He was pulling 25lbs of drag like a person with him on their shoe. Two and a half hours into the fight though Giang got an unwanted assist from a small mako. The shark chewed on the big sword rail till he couldn’t use it and Giang cranked it on in. The fish weighed 215lbs headed and gutted so no doubt he was close. It took about an hour for our next bite. Mike (aka Mr crossfi) was onthe reel His fish swam right to the top and tried to jump in the boat! When I saw him I thought he was about 150 but three hours later I wasn’t so sure. Finally we stuck him- a stud 250! It’s always so hard to tell how big they are when they jump. Even when they’re 10 feet away!
    Going to be back at them Friday! Still have a few days left open this month. Give me a call or text and come get some! Capt. Peace 504-858-8862

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    Swords on fire !
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