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T Funky Results 7 16 17

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    By Tony Cyprus Jr on July 26, 2017

    Wish I had better results to report but like a buddy always reminds me,”Dat’s why de call it fishing,not catching!” Started my T Funky pirogue bassing trip as per usual,with exception of tad earlier launch,5:50 am vs about 6:00 am and bass magnet musta gone South as nada at first stop(should not complain as two chunks fell victim to Yum Swim n Dinger-both at Sonny Miller Taxidermy)and think all told,I have pulled about 15 bass from one small spot in last few trips!!Tried brush hog and even Zoom Speed Worm in bass magnet but nada,headed S towards Beau Chene golf course and did boat and release smallish bass and missed what felt like decent fish,judging by way line was reacting.Managed to miss a few more on Speed Worm and tried Spro frog in thick patch of lilly pads,not too far from Beau Chene golf course and had decent fish hooked but in process of nabbing fish,braided line got entangled in lilly pad stalk and fish got off(woulda been first boated on frog-bad omen I later discovered!!).Not too long after,switched back over to Zoom Speed Worm and was tossing amongst cypress knees and line went beserk,not sure how my drag got loosened,but fish surfaced,spit hook and I could clearly see length and girth of fish and looked every bit of 5 plus lb chunk,woulda been new personal best!!!Saw group of older gents playing golf and one commented dat I must have ice chest fulla fish and told him about chunk dat I just missed and he made the infamous line about,”De one dat got away!” and I quicky replied,”Yep,but the two from about two weeks ago are at taxidermy studio!!”One of these days gonna wear Go Pro on cap but would be mighty boring with ton of dead footage,sandwiched in between losing chunk of possibly personal best stats!!Managed to boat and release two smallish bass and miss serious chunk(I know where he roams,gonna return soon)!!Long paddle from 3 Rivers Launch but awesome aerobic work-out,worth every bit of effort and did take nice photo of doe that only spooked when she heard some splashing!!!Chatted with neat couple at landing at 3 Rivers and showed them recent pics of chunks from basically their back yard!!!Might take very short hiatus and back again soon,seeking new personal best,know where he might be lurking!!!



    Tony Cyprus,Jr.




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