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T Funky Results 7 24 17

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    By Tony Cyprus Jr on July 24, 2017

    Just knew my lucky string on de T-Funky was in jeopardy as when I arrived at 3 Rivers Launch,water was high and muddy,predictable due to deluges NShore has been enduring.Hit typical bass magnet with not a nibble to show and finally landed smallish Kentucky bass that I quickly released and proceeded to miss two nice bass,miss two smallish Kentucky bass(wish someone would stage Kentucky bass only tourney-would be lotta fun and quite a challenge)and did some exploring N and W of 3 Rivers Launch.Met Don,Real Estate Appraiser,at fine River Club Landing and took few pics of Landing and awesome Sportsman Bay Boat,with big mammy-jammy 300 Yamaha on rear,what a beast of a fishing machine dat must be!!Headed back to launch with nothing in box but got in awesome aerobic work-out!!Loved Sportsman Show yesterday and can’t wait for Dec issue of LA Sportsman issue to come out!!



    Tony Cyprus,Jr.

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