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Tagging Redfish !

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    By Dutch Prager on July 15, 2017

    Yes, I believe in Tagging ! On Nov 15, 2016, tagged 8 reds in Bayou Magill, only 1 mile East of Bayou Biloxi entrance. 1 recaptured 3 weeks ago. This red grew 3-1/2″ and headed due West, across Lake Borgne, Rigolets and then thru Lake Ponchartrain, then recaaught and not re-released at Manchac, Under the power lines, where ever that may be. 59 miles quite an trip. Last week, recd a report on the recapture of 1 more red, this one must have been lazy, only traveled 9/10 mile and caught and not re-re;eased in Bayou Magill, close to Bayou Biloxi entrance. He measured 3″ longer. It would seem the tagged fish would wish to migrate to the East, but, who knows the answer ? Any Ideas ? On our last charter to Western Lakeshore of Bayou Biloxi, we fished to the West, and the land since 2016 Nov, had broken into two Islands off Bayou Biloxi entrance. When we fished in Nov 2016, Islands were there. We fished on July 6, 2017 and the Islands are no longer there. Now the MOUTH of Bayou Biloxi is 3x wider than before. Soon, the Lake will consume all the land and the Lake Shore will be there “no Mo”. The Lake will be right into Bayou Biloxi as it turns South to West Bayou Biloxi. Tagged 6 – 15″ reds on this July charter. I have fished this area since 1937 and the land loss is hard to take. Further down Magill, there is an OPENING to Lake Borgne, maybe 500ft wide, I recall when there was NO Opeening there. Even the end, where it enters into Magill Lagoon, the land we nosed our cabin cruiser into and anchored for the night, the shore line is no longer there. A small Bay to the Lake side, is now a BIG open water, no marsh between the Old Bay and Magill. Just water. Yes, the marsh land is dissapearing FASTER than we foresaw years ago. Yes, I was 12 years old then,80 years past, our company had the PLAAUEN built by Fetterly Shipyard on the New Basin Canal, across from now- Schuberts Marine. 37ft cypress planked hull, slept 6, single Gas engine, towed 2 – 16ft cypress skiffs with center. Live bait wells and skiffs powered by 5 HP Johnson Motors, carrried in the aft deck space. Yes, those were the delays, we did not travel far with the small HP engines to bring home a nice catch of reds, specks, sheepshead, you name it.. In those days, my Dad had an Awning Co, make several large water proof bags, where the fish and ice bags were used to bring the fish home. A large Fish box was on the stern of the Plauen. The Cruiser was named after our Grandfathers birthplace in Germany. So thats it for now. Oh, shrimp were, if I recall corrrectly, 2C and we carried 300 in each skiff live well. Yes, those were the days, BUT, there are GOOD days still and I really enjoy fishing this area, our next charter, with Al Calabrese, a fellow Submariner of the Cold War and me, a W W II Sub Vet, will be with Capt Mike Gallo on July 24th, a Monday. Yes, GOOD Memories. Nothing like a Calm day in the Mrsh fishing with Friends. Hope to tag some more. So, if you are not into tagging, please consider this importaant phase of Conservation. Need Tags – write – La Cooperative Marine Sport Fish Tagging Program – 2000 Quail Drive – B R, La. 70808. There’s is no cost for this fine Conservation Program. So, like By HEK used to say – go out there and “Put the Antz on em”. Have many successful and Safe ventures into the Marsh and Lakes areas. < tag em ! Best regards and Good Luck. "Dutch" Prager 7-15-17

    Charter with Captain Mike Gallo Friday 9-23-16
    September 26, 2016 | One Comment
    Tagging Reds
    June 17, 2017 | One Comment

    2 Responses to “Tagging Redfish !”

    1. THANK YOU MR. PRAGER FOR ALL THOSE MEMORIES!!! The enormous loss of marsh is causing us to cherish our memories EVEN MORE! The future generation of fisherpersons WILL NEVER EVER COMPREHEND what you and the rest of us have experienced! SAD SAD SAD John Castelluccio, Jr.

    2. Dutch Prager on July 16, 2017 @ 10:22 PM

      Hi John – Thanks for your kind remarks. Yes, our Grandkids will be living in a different world, Politically and Sportswise. Yes, we do have GOOD Memories. We may pass these on to the next generation. Yes, the Marsh future in not easy to understand, other than to know – “it wont be dere no mo”. Have a wonderful Summer and I hope your days on the water will be successful and safe. Best regards. “Dutch” Prager. Dutchtreat1925@gmail.com. Good night, God Bless You and Family. 7-16-17. 5:22pm

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