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Team Jo-Jo 2017 year end review

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    By Oneofthepack on January 14, 2018

    Team Jo-Jo / Oneofthepack (Snap shot) of fish diary:


    Total years monitored:                  32                          (1986 to 2017 & counting)

    Avg. # of trips/year:                        54.91                    (Since retirement Avg. trips / year increased by 45-50%)

    T.T. fish caught:                               68,038.00            approximately (95% Silverwonders) (96% caught


    Avg. fish caught/year:                    2,126.19              (Best years 2009 (4,125) & 2015 (4,447))

    Avg. fish / trip:                                 38.72                    (Best years 2995 (61.57) & 2009 (63.46)


    Noted influences on fishing & catching:


    • 10-3-87 heard (Delacroix Bayou Gently) story of a 6’-6 “ 212# Tarpon going through a butter fly net and into the boat
    • 11/8/87 new law 12” size limit on Silverwonders
    • 12-22-89 hard freeze fish kill
    • 12/29/90 Hard freeze fish kill
    • 8-11-91 bought Sonofthepack a 9.5 motor & flat fish Chef area
    • 10/19/91 bought new flat for Sonofthepack, he and Big Mark limited out on Silverwonders
    • On their madden voyage to Delacroix
    • 1993 Caernarvon Siphon open
    • 4/23/93 Queen Jo-Jo Marie Laveau (aka Jo-Jo borne 3-5-93 white female Labrador) she be Sonofthepack duck hunting partner and me fishing partner for 13 years.
    • 2005 Hurricane Katrine
    • Mardi Gras Pass developed Pointe Ala Hache (Don’t know the history and / or time line)
    • 2008 March open spillway
    • 2010 hard freeze fish kill
    • 2011 Deep water Horizon
    • 2013 Retire fish more / work less
    • 2016 open spill way 1-10-16


    Having a history of your catches, and when coupled with a diary narrative of the particulars of every trip, me feel is advantages for various reasons:

    • History / Intel from past trip can be used to help plan / strategized your future trips, techniques & presentation.
    • Allows you to share actual real time conditions / success and pertinent Intel / info with your team and fellow fisherpersons in a timely manner.
    • Its your score card, it represents the fair / good / best success of your past trips, might even help you from not making the same mistakes twice and help you duplicate your success of the best trips.
    • You can compare past weather conditions, tides, water clarity, winds, etc. (re: the 7 criteria of catching) and see how you strategized, what techniques you used to fish those various conditions.
    • You can compare what baits work best on each trip, presentations of bait too.
    • It also acts as a dairy for when you lose some desire, (i.e. age / health / etc.) to go fish, you can always go back and review past trips from years gone by and relive them, having pictures to support those trips is a BIG plus. This be the time in life me think more about this advantage of a diary.
    • One other thing me think a diary is good for, when your son, daughter, grandkids, nieces & nephews, family wonder what you enjoyed in life, they will have a fair accurate understanding of what it was, and have plenty pictures of the trips and fisherperson on them with you.

    Me have (2) volume book diaries full of hand written Intel /dated / notes / etc., started doing this in 1984. After 2005 (Katrina) me started to post trip Intel on rodnreel.com along with pictures, and me now save each post for future review / reference.

    As me was putting this post together, me saw then in the late 70’s and into the 80’s the Bulk Terminal was a favorite honey hole for me. Technique was sliding corks, (have not used them in years) and live shrimp.

    Back then me had a 25 foot trawl, pull, (Dyke canal, and/or mouth racing boat ally up or down Bayou Bienvenue) it for 10-15 minutes caught 200-300 shrimp and that be me bait for the day.


    Technique was to drop bow anchor in 25-30 feet of water back down on Chalmette side of Intercostal into 3-4 feet of  drop stern anchor, than pull be out to where me startled the drop off around 15 feet, lock both anchors down to stay in that position.


    Me would fish with 3 poles, each set at different depths, 8, 10, and 12 feet once me got a hit me would set all 3 rods to that depth. Me also had a 4th rig for fishing with lures to paces the time away while waiting for the Silverwonders to turn on.


    At me honey hole across from Bulk Terminal me was introduce to the slaughter pole technique of fishing, me mean catching. It was a 16 foot fiberglass pole that telescoped out from 6 feet to 16 feet. It was rigged with 60# mono, sliding sinker ½ oz., and 12-16 “leader, a hook, and live shrimp was the bait. Me watch a fishermen and his fisherperson load the boat up with BIG Silverwonders. They called me over, but me told them me just wanted to watch, latter they told me and showed me their technique / rig. Needless to say me bought one the next day, had a little success but not enough for me to use all the time. Did catch a BIG jack fish on it, what a fight it was.


    Hope you enjoyed me memory lane, also hope you too will start your own diary & picture for you’re and others reviewing pleasures, be out on the water soon, until then:


    Good Fishing


    Team Jo-jo & Oneofthepack

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    2 Responses to “Team Jo-Jo 2017 year end review”

    1. STANLEY…YOU ARE TODAY’S “by Hek” of days gone by!

      I am very proud to know you, have fished with you and looking forward to future trips with you!

      To those of you who don’t know “by Hek”…can’t explain—BUT READ this man’s reports and learn!

      Sincerely: John Castelluccio,Jr.

    2. Fun read, Thanks. Something how I can remember particulars of fishing trips 50 years ago, but can’t remember what a trip to the kitchen was for, lol. Thanks for the intel.

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