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    By creatify on February 15, 2006

    Used Motor Purchase Question

    I’m thinking of purchasing a used motor (1 to 4 year old 40 to 50 HP 4-stroke Yamaha) off of a website that seems to be ok.  These motors are supposed to be “Select Pre-Owned” (refurbished / like new if any refurbishing was needed) and they come with a 30 to 60 day dealer warranty.  Right now’s there’s a 50 HP I could get for a few thousand dollars (plus $350 shipping) and it has a 30 day warranty.  I talked to a live person and he said these motors are used lightly (low hours) commercially for fishing camps and because they are used commercially (by the company that rents out fishing camps in Canada) they no longer have a factory waranty; and therefore you can’t add an extended warranty.  I figure I could have it shipped to the boat dealer where I’m buying my flat boat and have it mounted and hooked up to the controls.  And, I could even have my boat dealer do a full inspection/test of the engine while he’s at it.  If somethings wrong, I could exercise the 30 day warranty and send it back.  Any questions or comments.

    P.S.  I tried to keep any specifics as to the seller vague so as not to advertise for anybody.

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