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    By raugust on October 29, 2018

    We’ve been trying our spot in Lake Catherine for the last month without getting a bite.  Finally  Sunday morning we went armed with 100 live shrimp from Rigolets Marina . We started drifting  our favorite cove and after about 10 minutes we got a bite and dropped the Talon. It was pretty much every cast after that with a lot of nice sized fish and very few throwbacks. The only bad part was some aggravating needlefish. But we stuck with it and had 48 trout by 9:30. We stopped at 48 because we were not sure if we had miscounted when it got a little hectic. We actually left them biting after we picked up the Talon and drifted a few more yards to the East. Great day on the water with my son , beautiful weather with just enough wind to drift with and we are happy  that the fall fishing is taking off and the trout are back in Lake Catherine!

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