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Trout on Fire – We were not

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    By Fish Network on December 15, 2017

    Fishing buddy says you up to a trip for Friday.

    • Yes, says I but rain forecast for 10:00am, but only 10% chance
    • Wakeup call at 4:00am, loaded up Ford Transponder
    • Rain drops all over the transportion, not a good sign
    • Kept on our trek
    • Headed to Breton Sound Marina
    • First encounter with new owner – Pat
    • Pat said trout bite good right before the front
    • Drizzle most of the way to BSM
    • Thought front theory may have been nonsense


    However, we launched the boat, got 25 lively shrimp (not so lively)

    Headed to our Honey Hole, and Holy Cow.

    My buddy makes the first cast, Keeper trout coming in the boat.

    Light drizzle off and on, you could tell the front was on the way as the winds got stronger as the morning went on.

    Stayed at Honey Hole, and ended the day at 10:30am with our 2 man limit.

    Most fish were 12-13 inches.

    A few went 14 – 14 1/2

    Plenty of throw back trout as well.

    What a feeling when you catch a limit.  Even better when it was at one stop.

    Headed back to the roost as bones starting to feel the cold.

    Short run this morning, but felt like someone shooting pellets at me, with rain beating against my face during the run to the spot.

    We caught a few of the trout on live bait, but the majority were caught on a Vudu Shrimp, white with chartreuse tail.  (2inch – small one)

    My buddy fished with a Matrix Shad Lemonhead, but switched over to a Vudu, after I was hollering “Fish On” more than him.


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