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Tuesday 3-13

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    By eastofmrgo on March 14, 2018

    Met Perch Whisperer at Carr dr. for a bass expedition in his 8’ Pelican. Quick launch at his friends back down . Still can’t believe this boat floats with 400+ lbs of fishermen, and another 100 lbs of stuff(trolling motor, batt, ice chest , tackle box etc. Unbelievably stable. Water was really dirty so my expectations were not reel high. Made our way up and down the canal fishing grass lines and boat docks and only managed 2 bass( Capt. Don) . Excitement level went Sky high when I caught a CHARLIE HORSE in my leg and had to jump up, straighten out the leg and bend over to stretch the muscle and relive the pain, try that in a already jammed packed 8’ plastic boat. Pretty sure Capt. Don spent the rest of the adventure praying for CHARLIE not to show up again. Seemed like we fished closer to shore after that. Decided to relocate to his favorite private pond(lake ) of a relative, and managed to box 6 nice Green things and catch and release a 4.17 pounder. Tried a new bait, TRD (yep called the turd) on 1/10 oz jig head. I used one called _____, kinda purple looking, and Don had a copper and chartruse one till we tangled lines and a backlash shut him down. He changed to one that looked like nutria turd and did well on that one also. As usual a trip with Perch Whisperer was a fun adventure. Cold to start38 deg. Better as the day went on (stopped fishing about 2). Water dirty in Carr dr. and clean in the pond. Windy most of the morning and not bad later.
    6 bass 12-15”
    1 4.17 lb released
    Got more pics but camera won’t turn um loose.

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