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    By eastofmrgo on July 13, 2018

    Met Perch Whisperer in NOLA at 6am at Filmore and Wisner for a day of city fishing . Got the 8’ Pelican launched and loaded (still amazed how stable a fishing platform this plastic boat is). Cranked the TM on and across the byu we went, worked every dock and bulkhead from start to I- 610. We tried the grass side of the byu, but the civilized side worked better by far, Don had his GAME ON as usual but once I got the casting down back in the water ( docks, lawns, trees ,5 feet from the boat etc.)I held my own . The challenge of the day for me today was the use of a live well hanging over the side so we could cull the catch (avoid the WHAT DID WE KEEP THAT ONE FOR) .Only having 1 useful eye , chunkin a pissed off perch in a 8” hole and having it stay captured was more of a challenge than catching them. Finally started using the ice chest after 5 or so nice size ones made a great escape. Small black grub on 1/32 oz jig head did all the damage and produced a great Bite And Fight to satisfy the need, and a easy trip with a good friend ended my day about noon. All ways hear the “Adventures of Perch Whisperer” and his city fishin NOW I KNOW and I like it . Not much detail air temp warm to hot, clarity good, light wind from the east. No fishing pressure .
    Finished with
    53 perch

    Along with all my other broke stuff I added a camera to the list.

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