The Venice Inn Motel welcomes you. Come on down…enjoy the best fishing in the world!
The Venice Inn Motel
42660 Hwy. 23 Venice, LA 70091

For those who bring non-fishing partners ( gasp!) when they come down this way, there are a few points of interest along the peninsula. Of course, first and foremost, for the history buff, is the authentic and restored Fort Jackson. Located about 10 miles north of the Venice Inn, the fort is an historical landmark, and constant reminder of local contributions to the settling and protection of our country. Serving both the Confederacy and the United States of America, Fort Jackson richly defended the lower Mississippi River against invading forces.

On the ride down, just above Port Sulphur, is the newly renovated Woodland Plantation. Built when sugar was king in Louisiana, this lovely home has become a legend in its colorful history. Now a Bed and Breakfast, it offers some of the old charm of the south as it was way back when. For those who may have been lifted by the spirits of the liquor, Southern Comfort, it may be interesting to study the picture on the label. Here you will see a picture of Woodland Plantation in all its glory.

And for those who are mesmerized by magnificent sunsets, just gaze toward the west and become enchanted with the amber waves of light descending into the marshlands. And if you’re one of the lucky ones, you may even see a brown pelican silhouetted across the horizon as the last rays of light are swallowed up by the bayous so plentiful in this area. It is no wonder that the author, MarkTwain, spent much of his time down here. What an inspiration he found in the mighty river, as he penned parts of Life on the Mississippi from the levee overlooking Magnolia Plantation.