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Vets day trout

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    By raugust on November 13, 2017

    We decided to participate in the “WE HEART VETS” rodeo at the Dock on Sat. Got 100 shrimp and headed for Lake Catherine (again). We tried a point then headed to Bay Jaune where we caught them last week.  First cast we got a big one so we stuck the Talon and got on a pretty good bite with some really nice sized trout, think we measured 2 fish . I thought we would place in the rodeo for sure but we barely missed 3rd place .  Oh well. Several of our fish were 1 1/2 – 2 lbs. Largest was 2.4 lbs.  We started around 7:15 and finished at 10:00 with 22 nice trout and headed in to watch LSU kick butt. At 2:30 we went to the weigh-in at the dock to hang out for a while with the Vets and weighed 3 fish…all over 2 lbs but none made the board. It was a good feeling to support the Vets and was a good day fishing too. As long as I can catch 20 or 30 in my back yard I will be postponing the Delacroix trips for a while. I do think I hear Pointe Fienne calling though…..killed them in there last few years!  Thank you to all Vets out there in cyber-land! ( Can somebody out there tell me exactly how to post pictures directly from my phone?)

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