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Wind from west, Fishing at its best, catching at its less!

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    By Oneofthepack on January 23, 2017

    TEAM JO-JO…………… Me made a solo trip today, did not want to entice, (re: NFL playoffs, honey dues, etc.) so did not post for a first mate this morning, juts did me own thing.




    • Went to casino Sat, felt like playing a little cards, got their at 2:15 pulled out a “C” note, 35 minutes later called the pit boss over, need two racks says me, at 2:50 me leaving with 2 “C” notes. No better time to quite then when you ahead. Plus me had a diner & movie date with a hot number this evening.
    • Me picked up me date at 3:33 PM, me ask where would you like to go eat, Poppy’s was the response, (nothing like a cheap date) off we went. What’s your pleasure ask me, chicken nuggets, fries, and purple sprit was her response, no problem says me.
    • After diner we headed home to get comfortable on the floor to watch the move me selected for our viewing pleasure. She was a little nervous being with me all alone on the floor, but me manage to convince the only thing she had to fear was fear itself.
    • Once Oneofthepack settled down, and me date Big Vienne (ganddaughtreofthepack 4 years young going on 20) she nestled up next to me to watch Hansel & Gretel. We were on the lookout for all the witches, Big Vienne a witch freak, loves looking at them.
    • We did all right except Pawpaw kept falling asleep, and when the witches came on, Big Vienne would wake me up and move a lot closer to me.
    • Me promised her farther that me have her home by 10 PM, and no latter, but Big Vienne had an enough after the movie and me brought her home early, BUT!!!!!!! Me did get me good night kiss from me date.
    • Once return from the task of return Big Vienne home, me started to read all the fishing post on rodnreel.com and some other sites. Called Big Pablo looking for some Intel form his Saturday trip to Delacroix, (10) res, & 3-4 Silverwodners. Water not looking good, and not looking bad.
    • Called Big Bud (aka Eastofmrgo) talked a little fishing, he sheared his comments on his Friday trip (50 (NMR) Silverwodners) caught, he gave me all the intel on how they caught them
    • Big Bud then mention he had been looking a video on rodnreel.com re: fishing Hwy 11 Bridge, so me had to look at that too.
    • Now Oneofthepack primed up, what to do, Lake P, Delacroix, or Bayou Bienvenue, me decided to make a Delcroix Trip.
    • No wildlife sightings on Hwy 11 or 90, did see few duck hunters
    • No boast on Hwy, gas stations, or launches.
    • Passed on Waffle House, McDonnel, and Last Stop food store, me on a mission
    • Check point Abel, water in canal up 8-10”
    • Check point Bravo Reggio Canal, water pouring out
    • Delacroix Hwy & island looked deserted, not much activity anywhere, this not a good sign.
    • Bay Flat Sr hanging high in her slings, swaying back & forth in the wind, lowered her down to the water level, loaded gear and we on our way
    • Passed on Lionel’s, headed straight to spot # 5 to start me day
    • Ran down Bayou Gently in the twilight, not too bad, no problem made me way down the canal to Little Lake in no time.




    • Perfect
    • W.N.W. wind 35 – 45 mph, it was a blowing for sure
    • Cloudy overcast day, with low clouds, see picture of cold front coming through around 7:30 AM, temperature dropped about 6-8 degrees in a very short period.
    • Attach pictures shows the fronts coming through saw 2 come through, temperature dropped about 6-8 degree in each one
    • Mild, cool, cold temps, especially when me got wet running around.
    • Water level p 8-10 “ , 2 “ below dock
    • Water temp cool
    • Tide falling hard
    • Water clarity on a scale of 1-7 was a 2, not good at all, could see the lure down 2’” then it just blended into the dirty sandy looking water. Clarity was a 2 at all the spot number same fished, bad looking all over.
    • Saw only one boat out and about, he looked to be going in around 7:30, me guess the wind and water clarity drove him in.





    • Be safe
    • Have fun
    • Put some run time on the Yamaha Dream Machine
    • Make the milk run, (zone 1, & 2 to see what up, and conditions of each spot number in that zone.
    • Try to learn the west wind, how to fish it, where to fish it, and what spot numbers where wind would be at our backs, today a great learning experience / outing.
    • For the last 48 plus years me have fished zone 1, 2, 3, & 4, (mostly zone 1 & 2) me think it is time, (re; Mardi grass pass, (which is dumping river water uncontrolled into zone 1, 2, 3 &4) & Caernarvon out Outfall (which is at 2,000 cuffs) is dumping river water into zone 1, 2, 3, &4) now to create a new zone. A zone 5 in an area where the water clarity will not be as impacted by river water. Me have fished this area before, but very little, will have to study map find and I.D. channels, get a depth finder to locate and I.D. drop offs, and concentrate on areas in question. Me will have a new era, new way down in our Disney World known as Delacroix Island.
    • Me think once we build (5) new, (up & down, , both sides of the river) 25,000 cfs fresh water diversions, we may not have to worry about Silverwonder size limits and/or quantity limits, and we will have to concentrate our concern / efforts on the management bass population.
    • Find a spot # with the five fundamentals / criteria of catching:
    1. Wind at your back: (Me was able to ID a number of our spot numbers that we could fish with west & wind at our back, also noted a few other areas to fish with a west wind. But the wind today, clocked at 35-45 mph made it a little tough to fish anywhere other then your den.
    2. Moving water: (Reached spot # 5 about 6:22 AM water falling hard, made it hard for anchor to hold, so me ran it up against shoreline at spot # 6, me out of wind but 3/8 oz. head traveling at (guess) 1.8 mph along the bottom, could only feel it when it go directly beyond the Bay Flat Sr.)
    3. Water Clarity: (To me this was the biggest challenge of the day, (not the wind) water clarity on a scale of 1-7 was a 2 minus. You could see lure down about 2”, then it disappearing from sight, me tried different colors with same results. Water clarity all all spots was the same clarity 2 minus)
    4. Holding fish: (No problem with this one!!! They were none, me think they all out on vacation in zone 5, until the water clarity conditions change.)
    5. Patient: (Me had none today, dirty water is Oneofthepack’ s kryptonite me could not muster 1 oz. of patients and / or confidence, called the game at around 7:20 AM, turned the Bay Flat Sr north for one of the roughest (Little Lake waves & wind like me have never seen before) ride me ever had back to the slip.)
    • Cork nothing
    • Oak River Troll nothing
    • Cast & Retrieve nothing




    Hands down it was the desire to fish & catch the elusive Silverwodners!! Matrix Shad Lemon Drop or the H&H 3” purple or chartreuse glow beetle cold not make it happen, or was it that Oneofthepack could not make it happen, may be both.




    Spot # 5, 6,15,14,2,1,2A,17,21,22,23,24,61A,B, and C, no taps, not hits, no action, could not even catch the bottom, not a good sign.




    • Lived to fish another day
    • Zip, nothing, skunked, check out box shot, it be one of me favorites’ pictures, cause it means the Silverwonders won not only the battel but the war too, but their is always next time.
    • (2) Bushels of grass, a lot floating and all points in-between top & bottom
    • Two old friends came to visit (see picture) Joe & Mary, met these (2) Pelicans last year, they too looking for an easy meal, but me not able to accommodate them either.
    • Made a lot of friends throughout the marsh, as me ran around must have raised 1-2,000 ducks and coots for the few duck hunters out and about in the marsh. Me could hear them banging away.
    • Found a few nice spots to fish a west wind, but don’t know the depth and drop off areas, need to get depth finder fixed or a new one soon.
    • Got some run time on Yamaha Dream Machine, she still running like a charm
    • Got a lot of fresh air in me lungs, a nice wind burn face, had to ware me sun glasses, not because of the sun, but to stop from drying me eyes out running into a 35-45 mph wind.
    • Me found out the Bay Flat Sr can fly, coming back in Bayou Long, caught the shoreline and kept SOME of the wind off me, and was running parallel to the waves.BUT!!!!! When me made the turn into open Little Lake heading to bayou Gently got the surprise of me life!!!!! Now me heading just about into 4 foot waves with white caps, the 35-45 mph wind caught the bow of the Bay Flat Sr, bow rose to about a 30 to 40 degree off the top of the waive.Me thought Bay Flat Sr and Oneofthepack was going to do a back flip, (This happen to me once before in a smaller boat) it seem to hang in the air for a long time. Me turned the Yamaha Dream Machine to the starboard, wind caught the inside of the Bay Flat Sr and slammed it back down onto the surface of Little Lake. This happen at least (4) times, me a little nervous, so me change coarse to keep the Bay Flat Sr on an angle to the wind on the port side and just took me time crossing Little Lake.Me sure if me had a crew they would have experienced the same exhilarating experience me had, but me was also very glad to see / be in Bayou Gently once aging. All the gear inside of the Bay Flat Sr was all scattered all over the place, bow chair came back out of its post and almost took me out.
    • It was the best fishing trip of my life, until the next one.




    Those of you who “Did not have to go to know” sometimes you just know, no go!!




    Tomorrow another day, another way, but the war clarity did not look good at Delacroix in the area me fishing. Lake P water looked worst as me came across the Hwy 11 Bridge. Me feel it best to give the water a couple days to settle down before making a trip, unless you know an area where the water could have better clarity.


    BUT me still subscribe & believe, “YOU GOT TO GO TO KNOW” because for sure it will always be a learning experience if not a catching experience.




    That’s ok when hell freezes over…… I’ll fish there too!


    Me have trips plan for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & possibly Thursday, me think it will be a fishing week, until then:


    Good Fishing


    Team Jo-Jo & Oneofthepack

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    1. Got a trip planned to Byu Biloxi Tuesday with Big Sue, hope Lake Borgne treats us better than Little lake treated you.
      Sometimes you just got to make those trips so all the rest are better,lol.

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