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    By Wanda Stewart on September 2, 2018

    Love to fish the Islands but that long round trip wears you down?

    The New Chandeleur Islander, a stationary and stable jack-up fishing lodge, can become the destination you’ve been searching for while fishing the islands. Upon arrival, the Islander will be safely jacked up out of the water where we will be offering you hearty meals and comfortable accommodations. We provide on/off gangway access from our portable dock to your accommodations on deck. From the lodge you can enjoy guided excursions, excellent wade fishing along the island itself or perhaps head for that favorite local fishing spot you’ve heard about.

    Located in the midst of the Chandeleur chain, the Islander has the ability to follow the trout and red fish as they migrate from one area to the next so we are always jacked-up near their preferred feeding spots.

    Book one of our packages complete with guides and transportation or depart from anywhere along the Gulf Coast, head for the islands, fish, check in with us at 3 pm; fish the remainder of the day, and return for the evening. Once on board, you can enjoy a welcomed shower, a completely satisfying dinner, relax in air conditioning, or perhaps enjoy drinks and a nice breeze on deck with your friends. Most importantly, you will sleep in comfortable quarters, out of the water on a stationary platform, and you will have no further thought of winds, waves, or storms.

    No boat? We can help you with reasonably priced transportation options.
    Prefer to fly? Contact Southern Seaplane for special rates to the Islander.

    Call Ron: 504-615-8280 

    Call Erin: 985-640-1230 










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    Kind of a slow start in Lake Catherine.
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