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Friday 4-13-18

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By Capt. Rob Dupont on April 16, 2018

The wind continues to howl in lower Terrebonne Parish making the job I have more difficult than ever. One day it screams from the north bringing cold air, the next it cranks from the south. This pattern presents challenges such as dirty water, sudden changes in water temperature, and difficulty with casting and feeling bites. Fish are feeling the pressure of this turbulent weather also. They go days without feeding and then suddenly gorge themselves. To top it all off the speckled trout are in the midst of their traditional migration being in one place one day and another the next. April is always a tough month to fish until the trout get settled into their springtime spawning locations along the coast. The reds have been cooperating for the most part even when the winds are up and the water is dirty. I’ve been targeting reds for most of the month up until this point but I am hoping the trout fishing will get better soon. I sure hope winter is finally over and warm weather and calm winds are right around the corner!


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