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hot trout bite

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By todd j stephens on December 5, 2017

did  my  year end  boat   repairs this  past weekend    but  got   to   wet   a  line  in  my  buddys  boat  we   got   61 trout   and 10 or  12  sheephead    day 2   was     48 specks     that  were  a  little smaller  than  the  day  before    all  caught  on  live    bait     the  bite  was  hot   for  about  2 hours    lots  of  throw backs    not  many  reds  to  speak of       I heard   the   tuna capts   all   did  well  in  venice    we  fished    in   buras        out  until   wahoo  season   in    feb 2018    can not  wait !!!    caught  lots  of  fish  this  year   but   had   to  work  hard   for  them

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One Response to “hot trout bite”

  1. Fish Network on December 5, 2017 @ 7:26 PM

    We have fished Buras the last 2 saturdays. No luck with locating trout, not even small ones.

    You must have a better GPS than we do.

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