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Knight Rounds

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By creatify on November 26, 2006

I fished Yellow Cotten with my grandson (David) on Friday.  We launched at Buras and made the cool run to YC bay.  Fished much of the morning without catching many fish.  Finally, we put on a popping cork and the fish were on.  We managed a limit of trout.  Most were small (14 -15 inches).  We had alot of throwbacks.  We went to our redfish area and caught alot of small redfish but no keepers.  We caught a few flounder.   

On Saturday we tried our luck on the bass.  We went to False River.  We fished for about 6 hours and only managed one keeper.  David had one breakoff and we had a few short fish.  The bite was tough for us.  

Good luck fishing.

Capt Josh Howard
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