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Lake P status / question

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By Oneofthepack on January 9, 2018

Just drove across the Hwy 11 Bridge along Lake P area was looking very inevitable for a trolling trip.


Saw many Loons just sitting on the water surface, this be a good sign.


Tide seem to be falling, with a N.N.E. wind 4-6 mph.


Me think me saw one bad sign me saw was the surface of the water had patches of bubbles / foam in many areas of the Lake P, not sure what they are, and / or what impact they may have on fishing / catching.


The only other condition me noticed was there was not one boat out and about, this got to be a bad sing for sure.


Me been off the water for a while, not much posting on past action / condition, any of you fisherperson been out and about in Lake P lately?


Good Fishing


Team Jo-Jo & Oneofthepack

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