Twins. . . Red twins! It was a double bull hook up. You should have seen Rhonda and Garland winding the cranks and winding around each other. Back and forth and around the boat they went. It’s easy to get lines tangled and loose fish during multiple hook ups. The girls worked these fish to perfection. It took 20 minutes to boat them both and I think you can see from their smiles how proud they were. The red fishing in Venice is as hot as the weather. Come join us. It’s getting better each day!

group4wYou never know what you will catch in Venice! On this particular trip we fished the mud lumps off South Pass. We boated 12 kinds of fish: speckled trout, redfish, black drum, flounder, lady fish, angel fish, spanish mackerel, sheepshead, croaker, sail catfish, hardhead catfish, and this king mackerel. We had to throw out most of the ice and strap chest shut just to get it back to the marina. What a fishing trip! We can’t guarantee one with that many different kinds of fish but we WILL put you on the fish. Call us today and we will start planning your next fishing adventure.

We can target certain types of fish for you. On this day the target was redfish. Only problem was . . . we limited by 8:00 am! What a great day. We spent the rest of the morning with catch and release and no one complained when we arrived back at the marina before the hottest part of the day. We can target certain fish or a certain type of fishing for you. We even fish at night if that’s your thing. Let us know. Our goal is to give you a summer fishing adventure you will remember for the rest of your life.

Just look at this catch of trout!! These girls were hauling in the fish all morning and having a blast! Women love to fish and a fishing trip is great to give Mom for Mother’s Day. We don’t always catch limits of fish, but we ALWAYS HAVE LIMITS OF FUN!