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Sweetwater Marina

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By Info@delacroixfishing on February 11, 2018

It’s getting closer to being trout time here in Delacroix. Captain Jack and his charter ended up with 50 trout, 9 bass, 1 sheep head, 1 twenty pound red and probably threw back 100 trout. Live shrimp….the key….and we have them here at Sweetwater! Not only do we have live shrimp, but we have beautiful live shrimp! Trout fishing seems to have gotten a lot better, since the water temperature raised back up to the 60’s and cleared up. Unfortunately, they have the marsh destroyer on. It’s not very bad, but it is on. Anything is bad with that thing…considering we have the Mardi Gras cut, which is 20 times worse than the diversion! Now we have two sources destroying the little salt water marsh we have left in Delacroix! There must be a reason..can’t see it..but there has to be one. Before it’s too late and they destroy all the marsh with these fresh water diversions, get down here and enjoy what we have left! Most spots are clean for trout fishing. If you can get in a clean spot, there seems to be a lot of trout. Captain Jack caught fish scattered all throughout today…no big numbers of fish in one spot. However, seems like some good fishing. It should only get better with the warming temperatures. Put the odds in your favor…buy some live shrimp. Let your buddy fish with the plastic. See who catches more. It’s amazing what a live shrimp can do. It’s like Captain Jack says “everything wants to eat a shrimp..even you.” As far as the weather, there is only a few guys with great jobs..that’s the weather guys. They can make guesses and still get paid big money. If you depend on what they say, you’re never going to get to go fishing. Remember..this was supposed to be milder than normal winter and a little wetter..haha. Maybe the mild is on it’s way now! Anyway..hope to see you soon down here at Sweetwater, the Marina that loves their customers! Remember…reserve today for lodging, charters or boat sheds. We are booking quickly. Call 504-342-2368. Lodging has been newly remodeled and spring cleaning happened! Better call quick one boat shed left..don’t be the one crying/ complaining that you didn’t get it! Most of our boat shed customers are long term, so we don’t have opening very often. Book now!!! Happy Mardi Gras guys..maybe you all can make it down for a fun fishing trip, during your off time! Come do some Mardi Gras Mambo fishing down in Delacroix!!!! ūüíúūüíõūüíö

Don’t forget that our guys do offer the best fish cleaning service around! They will have your fish cleaned super speedy, yet with great quality! So, see the guys after a long day of fishing…relax, while the guys take care of cleaning your catch! I know they appreciate the customers that let them clean their fish, as do we!

Remember we do have non-ethanol fuel, ice, tackle, live bait, dead bait, maps, gps chips, bugspray, sunscreen, drinks, snacks, oil and anything you might need for a great day on the water.
We also offer A+ service! We will launch your boat for you, park your vehicle, give you golf court rides to and from your vehicle, point you to all the hotspots and anything else you may need help with!
If you are interested in booking lodging or charters, please call 504-342-2368!
Charters- are $750 for up to 4 anglers! The captain provides everything! The only thing you need to bring is lunch and drinks for yourselves, something to bring your cleaned and packaged fish home in and a fishing license! If you don’t have a Louisiana fishing license, you will need to get a 3 day charter license! For more info call the number above!
Lodging-we have units that sleep up to 6 people and are $160.50 per night! They are in the best location in Delacroix! Right across from the Marina! You can leave your boat in the water! Launches are free! Linens, towels, rags, silverware, plates, bowls and cups are all in the room! There is a coffee pot (with everything needed to make the coffee), griddle, fridge, freezer, sink and charcoal grills outside of each room! The bedroom contains 2 bunk beds with full bottom and twin top! In the living room area, there are two sofas (one’s a sofa sleeper) and a television with cable! And a full size bathroom! There is wifi available! So..don’t pass up on the opportunity to stay in our convenient, comfy lodge. We do now offer two bedroom lodging with a full kitchen. They are set up a little bit differently. They are a bit more spacious. Call with any questions or to reserve your dates today!!!

Remember..we can’t wait to see you here at Sweetwater Marina!

Sweetwater Marina
December 20, 2017 |
Sweetwater Marina – Capt. Jack
October 15, 2016 |
Sweetwater Marina
November 8, 2017 |

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Sweetwater Marina

Believe it or not, today was a pretty busy day down at Sweetwater! Even though the weather was right offshore (where everyone wanted to fish) today, a few boats still ventured out. Some went as far as Breton Island and had pretty good success. Yesterday, a group of three that went to Breton Island had 60 trout. A couple guys went out to Stone Island; they caught 17 trout, but the weather caught them just as the fish were really starting to bite. They got nervous and came back to the dock. They were able to fish about 45 minutes, and that was a wrap. We had some reports from Bay Gardine from some guys that decided they couldn't make it out to Stone Island. They caught a limit of reds and 6 speckled trout, before the weather set in on them. They said that they were on a decent trout bite, until the wind got strong. When that happened, the trout went away. It looks like the rain forecast is calling for less of a chance of rain for tomorrow than we had today. If you get a chance to come, it is worth coming. The fishing has gotten better...especially the trout fishing. You can't expect to catch the trout with thunderstorms and rough weather. We hope to see you tomorrow! As we are writing this report, Captain Jack, baby Gracie & I, Sierra, are heading to pick up the live bait for all of our wonderful customers tomorrow. Don't let these beautiful live shrimp go to waste! Come get a bucket full and go have some fishing fun! ATT: All you duck hunting boys and gals! Duck season is approaching! If you would like to stay here at Sweetwater, please call and book now! We will fill up, and you will be sorry! We are the most convenient, comfiest, most reasonably priced place around! Come check us out! See ya soon! We do have boat sheds available. If you would like to rent one please call 504-342-2368 Monday-Friday between 9am and 5pm. They are $200 per month, include water and electricity and your boat launches are FREE! You will have to pay the first month upfront and keep a credit card on file. Need to rent lodging or book a charter? Call the number above. We have newly renovated, clean, comfy lodges with a great can BBQ, on the porch that overlooks the bayou. We have brand new mobile home trailers that we rent, as well. One bedrooms& two bedrooms available. Very reasonable rates. Convenient location..right across from our Marina. If you stay with us, you can leave your boat in the water. Also, we work with amazing charter captains. Captain Jack, owner of Sweetwater, is our main captain; he is absolutely amazing...he has been in the business many of years, great with children, with anyone really. He has a wonderful, funny personality. Book asap! Don't pass up on limited weekends that are still available! Remember...we offer non-ethanol fuel, maps, gps chips, live bait, tackle, propane, snacks, drinks, sunscreen, bug spray, nets and anything else you may need to have a wonderful day out on the water. would be greatly appreciated, if you tagged us in pictures/post about your experience here in Delacroix/at Sweetwater..or you can send in your pictures and we will post them! We love to see our customers happy with our service..we try super hard to please everyone. Rate our Facebook, as well. Leave comments about your stay, your charter, your experience...we would love to hear about it. Can't wait to see ya at Sweetwater Marina, the Marina that loves their customers. Please call Kelly @ 504-342-2368 to book rooms, charters or for more info. Office hours are Monday-Friday from 9am till 5pm! Thanks in advance!

still crying over lost fish

quick report from  this  past weekend         I fished   a charity tour   for  veterans  this  weekend  in  venice    fished   2 days   and   had    a  blast   to  see   these  guys   from    ARK.  reel  in  big  snapper  and   amberjacks     we  got   a few  groupers  and  some  kings   as  well    but   I  made   1 last  stop  going  in   and  trolled  up   a  monstor     yellowfin tuna   approx.  175 lbs   we  had  him  on  light tackle  60 lb braid with   a  light  wire  leader     we  were  fishing   for  kings   in  shallow  water        we  fought   him   for    an  hour     and   he   came   to  the   surface   twice    which   means  they  are   big     and  on  the  last  time   he   came   up   he   got  tail  wraped    and  about  5  mins.   later   we   broke  him   off      I am  still  crying   over   it    we   had   the  winning   fish   on   and  let   him  get   away       it   was   for   no   money   no  prizes   no  nothing     but   to  see    the  vets   who   had  fought that  fish  for   so  long    lose  it          like   I said   I am  still  crying   over   it      funny   how    when  you  lose   a  big  fish    you  remember  it   more   than   all  the  other   fish   you  caught     like    I said   we  had   a blast   and   finnaly   the  fishing    has   at  least  gotten     a little  better   in  venice      maybe   we   have  turned   the  corner       todd   tired  and   out    we  jigged  up   most  of   our  fish  except  the  snapper

From Keith Lambert This is a video of my daughter and grandaughter landing two big redfish back to back. Notice how mom steps in to help her land this 27 inch bull red.


Marrero Man Cited for Recreational Fishing Violations

Marrero Man Cited for Recreational Fishing Violations
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