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Fishing Reports


Up todate Intel Delacroix

Just got a call (Sat 9:46 AM)  from Nephewofthepack Big Steven ( has a camp & keeps his boat down at Delacroix)  he out and about our Disney World known as Delacroix Island, him say he been all over, nothing , not  a bite, wanted to know if me had any suggestions of where he & crew might try.   Told him Friday we struggled to put 27 in the boat, and we covered a lot of territory. So me suggested he try spot # 60 and 61 as they produced a few and conditions where perfect for those 2 spot numbers on the map.   Big Don with new boat out and about Thursday, same intel very slow, very little action, he out and about today, will follow up with him to see if conditions / catching changes.   Silverwonders must have lock jaw, may be the cold front has them shut down in the areas we fish, no matter what we be back at them Wednesday as crew from Kansas coming down to enjoy all what Louisiana & Delacroix has to offer, empty or full box.   Just wanted to share some update current Intel to help you fisherperson kame up your mind on what to do re: go / no go, and / or “YOU GOT TO GO TO KNOW” believers.   Good Fishing   Team Jo-Jo & Oneofthepack

What a difference a day makes


  Today was our long awaited trip with crew Big Curtis & Big May, me think we cancelled out last time due to weather, but that not the case for this trip, it was perfect in every way.  


  • Thursday trip was a catching trip, no fishing required
  • Me sleep like baby Thursday night
  • Up early Friday looking forward another catching day
  • Saw a Possums cross Hwy 11 (GOOD SIGN) no sightings along Hwy 90
  • Me & crew arrived at Waffle House at the same time, loaded all gear into Big Curtis (6) wheel RAM and we were off like a flash
  • Counted (18) Boast on the Hwy, & gas stations, saw 7 more pass as we loading the Bay Flat Sr up
  • Check point Abel water level down a little
  • Check point Bravo water moving in Reggio canal, good sign
  • Arrived at the abode of the Bay Flat Sr, loaded her quickly
  • Yamaha Dream Machine kept the dream alive
  • Passed on Lionel had all we needed on board, besides fuel dock full of boats, and all the other docks full of boasts, canal was full of boats, me knew it was going to be a busy day on the water.
  • Off to spot # 14 to start our day


  • Perfect
  • Calm wind, that 4-6 out of the E.S.E.
  • Sunny & clear
  • Mild temps to hot temps, some layers of clothes came off
  • Water level down 4-6”
  • Water temp 68.5F
  • Water clarity on a scale of 1-7 was a 3 plus looked a little better than Thursday
  • Tide falling it was gathering speed every minute, at the choke points your lure made the drift of the current lines in seconds, even with 3/8 head it was rolling along the bottom at a fast clip.
  • NO NATS, to me surprise none, Thursday you had a face full of them, but none today. Told crew Thursday me had a theory, the more nats you have the more fish you will catch.


  • Be safe
  • Have fun
  • Put some run time on Bay Flat Sr. and Yamaha Dream Machine
  • This be me daily therapy for ALL me aliments
  • Gather Intel for future trips, and to share with fisherperson, (on to help assist them in their choice of areas to fish, lures to use and presentation of same to the elusive Silverwonders.
  • Me wanted to put Big Curtis & Big May on a Silverwonders slam in a real bad way, (our last trip more fishing than catching) me wanted to fill their freeze with fish of all kind, this be me challenge for the day.
  • Find a spot # with the five fundamentals / criteria of catching:    
  • WIND AT YOUR BACK: ( Wind no factor it was perfect)
  • MOVING WATER: (Moving water no factor it was perfect)
  • WATER CALRITY: (Water clarity no factor it was good at every spot e stopped at)
  • HOLDING FISH: (Challenge for the day, spot # 61 & 2A where the hot spots)
  • PATIENTS: ( Needed plenty, crew( and Oneofthepack) body language had sings of me was losing them, so me kept moving around to other sot numbers to keep their interest, but it was very slow day and we had to fish for them)
  • Anchor up cast & retrieve slowly along the bottom, with a twitch every now and then, tight lining…………………………………ALL FISH CUAGHT THIS WAY
  • Oak River Troll (ORT)………………..NOTHING
  • Reverse Oak River Troll (RORT) ………..NOTHING
  • Oak River Skim (ORS) ……………DID NOT TRY
  • Cork ……..NOTHING
  • Lake P Troll (LPT)…………….N/A
  • Dead bait………NONE
  • Live bait…………………NONE


  • 3” H&H Purple Beetle, matched up with H&H ¼ oz. round white head with gold hook…………….10% CUAGHT WITH THIS LURE
  • 3” Chartreuse Glow Beetle, matched up with H&H ¼ oz. round white head w/gold hook………….DID NOT TRY
  • Matrix Shad Lemon Drop, matched up with H&H ¼ oz. round white head w/gold hook……………90% CAUGHT WITH THIS LURE
  • Matrix Shad Lemon Drop, matched up with H&H 3/8 oz. round white head w/gold hook……………NOTHING
  • Matrix Shad Lemon Drop, matched up with H&H 1/2 oz. round white head w/gold hook……………DID NOT TRY
  • Matrix Shad Lemon Drop, matched up with 3/4 oz. round lead head ……………N/A


  Spot # 14,15,5,6,7,23,22,21,20, 14,15,5,61 (5)t, 61A,B,C,18,E,D,C,B, (4)t, 1,2 (2)t, (2)A (13)t,14, 15 (2)t, stopped fishing at 1:30 PM, crew looked ready and me was too, turned the Bay Flat Sr east than north for a quick smooth ride back to the slip.


  • Lived to fish another day
  • ( 27 ) (5) throw backs
  • (3) reds (2) throwbacks
  • (1) White trout
  • (1) Crag
  • (8) Oyster shells Big May caught the biggest
  • (2) Bottoms
  • (6) Tanged lines
  • (1) Bushel of grass
  • Surprised we no catch any Stripe Bass
  • Surprised today not a catching day, like Silverwonders had lock jaw from us, me guess that way we call them elusive and it called fishing and not catching.
  • Good snacks s provide by crew thanks guys enjoyed them
  • Spending the day on the water with (2) of the almost best fisherpersons me know, looking forward to another journey down the road.
  • Best fishing trip of my life, until the next one.


  Big Curtis came out the gate first, (gave him 10 points for first fish) and got on a run at Sot # 2A, me thing he may have even caught the biggest, but the numbers where low both in keepers and throw backs. However his total points for the day left him a little short for the honors.   Big May came alive at spot # 2A, she put in a few, but  it was toward the end of the trip not enough time to overtake Big Curtis, Big May came in at a strong third in today’s challenge.   Me suggested to Big Curtis he look into the Penn Battle II BLTII1000 reels as the reels he has are so heavy you cannot feel the bite, his poles need to have a little firmer back to them. This would make his rig a lot lighter, and they will catch more fish.   When you are in a trout slam, any rod & reel will do, but if you are fishing and finessing them you better have the right rig, (this may be the rig you have the most confidence in) but me money on the Penn & 6 foot (1) piece Shimano rod if you can find one, or the St Croix one piece 6 foot rod Big May needs to practice her casting so she can get more distance & accuracy in her cast.   At each spot we stopped at your technique & presentation was a little different, may be 4 or 5 ways, but the common dominator, was you had to feel your lure at ALL TIMES, and you had to fish for them. Even when the current is moving you lure along the bottom, you want to bounce it up, let it run, slowly reel in, feel the lure, and repeat that action, ALL THE TIME FOCUSING IN ON THE TAP once that happens set the hook.   I don’t know of any way of practicing this technique / presentations, other than time on the water fishing, this be the only way me know to improve you technique / presentation / skills, SO if they aren’t biting, you not wasting your time, particle, practice, practice,  ( to feel lure & work lure in all situations) till the sun goes down.  


  Me confuse from difference of Thursday to Friday trip, guess me suggest look for the Nat’s.  


  “Nobody's going to catch all the time. On the highway of fishing you can't always be in the strike zone.”

O & A:

  Would things get better or worse if fisherpersons what was going well rather than what’s going wrong?  


  Me think about given up catching, and just concentrating on fishing. Booked all next week, until then   Good Fishing   Team Jo-Jo & Oneofthepack

Sweetwater Marina

Today's fishing reports: awesome, good, pretty good, alright. Fishing, overall, for Capt.Jack was pretty good. On his charter, they caught 75 trout, 12 black drum, 2 sheep head, 1 striped bass and 1 freshwater cat. They had a great time fishing, caught lots of fish and were back in pretty early. All the fish caught today were caught on beautiful, live shrimp from Sweetwater Marina. Like Capt. Jack said..we heard lots of different reports, but we would say that most people came back happy. Sometimes, it's not about what you catch...its about taking in the beauty of the Delacroix marsh that is left..while we still can. Don't make a trip out on the water all about catching plenty of fish. Come take in the great view, and visit the Delacroix marsh..before it's totally gone. We can't wait to see you here at Sweetwater..whether it is to stay at our comfy, cozy and convenient lodge or to charter with one of our amazing captain, to eat at our delicious food trailer, to visit us, to go fishing, to take in the beauty of Delacroix or for any other reason you may have to come to of the last great fishing locations left in this great state. So, don't wait. Come now! This is the time of the year to take the trip. The picture below is from Capt. Jacks charter today. Don't forget that our guys do offer the best fish cleaning service around! They will have your fish cleaned super speedy, yet with great quality! So, see the guys after a long day of fishing...relax, while the guys take care of cleaning your catch! I know they appreciate the customers that let them clean their fish, as do we! Remember we do have non-ethanol fuel, ice, tackle, live bait, dead bait, maps, gps chips, bugspray, sunscreen, drinks, snacks, oil and anything you might need for a great day on the water. We also offer A+ service! We will launch your boat for you, park your vehicle, give you golf court rides to and from your vehicle, point you to all the hotspots and anything else you may need help with! Also, don't forget about our food trailer! Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10:30am until 5pm! We also do call in orders! So, if you would like to start doing that, please call 504-206-9588! We offer shrimp poboys, pulled pork sandwiches, hamburgers, gumbo, fries, hot wings and drinks! It's absolutely delicious! So, come see Chef Ricky ASAP! If you are interested in booking lodging or charters, please call 504-342-2368! Charters- are $750 for up to 4 anglers! The captain provides everything! The only thing you need to bring is lunch and drinks for yourselves, something to bring your cleaned and packaged fish home in and a fishing license! If you don't have a Louisiana fishing license, you will need to get a 3 day charter license! For more info call the number above! Lodging-we have units that sleep up to 6 people and are $160.50 per night! They are in the best location in Delacroix! Right across from the Marina! You can leave your boat in the water! Launches are free! Linens, towels, rags, silverware, plates, bowls and cups are all in the room! There is a coffee pot (with everything needed to make the coffee), griddle, fridge, freezer, sink and charcoal grills outside of each room! The bedroom contains 2 bunk beds with full bottom and twin top! In the living room area, there is two sofas (one is a sofa sleeper and a television with cable! And a full size bathroom! There is wifi available! So, don't pass up on the opportunity to stay in our convenient, comfy lodge.


GREAT FALL CONTINUES... MR JOHN HEBERER'S TRIP We had the pleasure of guiding 4 boats for good friend and customer Mr John Heberer and several of his buddies on a recent trip. This crew is from the St Louis area and they all love to fish. Actually Mr John has brought down 2 groups this fall, one in October and one this month. As usual for late October and November the fishing for trout and reds was very good for the guys, especially if the weather cooperated. I had the pleasure of guiding Mr John all 3 days on the latter trip and we were blessed with good fishing and fellowship all 3 days. I am including pictures from the November trip in this report. We want to say a special thank you to Mr John and ALL the guys on the trips for what they have done for our service this year and past ones. We are already looking forward to next year! WE HAVE OPENINGS FOR THE REMAINDER OF NOVEMBER AND FOR DECEMBER. THE WEATHER AND THE FISHING HAVE BEEN GREAT AND WE EXPECT SOME AWESOME FISHING FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR. GIVE US A CALL TO GET YOUR TRIP ON THE BOOKS. YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID!   IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BOOK A TRIP WITH LAFITTE’S HARDEST WORKING, MOST PROFESSIONAL FISHING TEAM, GIVE US A CALL AT 504-689-2006 OR SEND AN EMAIL TO to GET YOUR CHARTER ON THE BOOKS. ALSO, DON’T FORGET TO CHECK OUT FOR MORE GREAT INFO AND REPORTS! WE HAVE SEVERAL GUIDES READY TO GO AND NICE LODGING AVAILABLE, ALL AT AFFORDABLE PRICES. ALL OF OUR BOATS ARE FULLY EQUIPPED 23 TO 25 FT CENTER CONSOLE BAY BOATS THAT INCLUDE POWER POLES FOR MORE EFFICIENT BOAT POSITION. WE USE QUALITY SPINNING AND CASTING REELS MOUNTED ON AWESOME TFO INSHORE RODS LOADED WITH POWER PRO BRAIDED LINE. THE ORIGINAL H&H SOFT PLASTICS AND GOLD SPOONS ARE STANDARD LURES ON OUR COMBOS AND WE PROVIDE MARKET SHRIMP WHEN IT IS NECESSARY. WE ARE LOCATED A SHORT 35 MINUTE DRIVE FROM NEW ORLEANS AND HAVE A CHOICE OF 3 GREAT SEAFOOD RESTAURANTS 5 MINUTES FROM THE MARINAS. TWO OF WHICH WILL PREPARE YOUR CATCH FOR A MEMORABLE MEAL FOR SURE!  SO COME ON DOWN TO LAFITTE AND SEE WHAT WE HAVE TO OFFER. YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID!! GOD BLESS AND GOOD FISHING, CAPT MIKE HELMER
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